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Senior Scientist - High throughput, cell based phenotypic screening

Want to make a difference to industry, and society, by helping chemists design safer compounds with every screening run you complete?

Job Overview

This role will be working on AsedaSciences’ SYSTEMETRIC® Cell Health Screen. The candidate will be performing live cell screens, measuring parameters of cellular stress to determine toxicity risks for new compounds. Because of this, a strong ability to understand and perform laboratory protocols are key to working within this role. The position is also responsible for screening compounds for customers, expanding AsedaSciences chemical library and quality control. We are looking for a person with great attention to detail and strong analytical skills.

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The role of Senior Scientist – High Throughput / High Content screening will be responsible for performing AsedaSciences’ SYSTEMETRIC® Cell Health Screen, the company’s flagship screening service. The person working in this role will be:

  • Performing a highly validated live cell phenotypic screen that measures 12 parameters of acute cellular stress to determine acute toxicity risk for new compounds.
  • Responsible for screening compounds received from customers.
  • Working to continuously expand the AsedaSciences chemical library.
  • Responsible for all aspects of Quality Control and ensuring that screening integrity and data quality are maintained.

Job Requirements

Attention to detail and ability to maintain accurate records to meet GLP standards is critical. Strong analytical skills are required to troubleshoot and resolve aberrant phenotypic screen results by determining root cause, providing a solution, and, where necessary, determining and implementing preventative measures.

Candidates are expected to have the following minimum requirements:

  • Master’s degree with a minimum of 5 years related lab experience or:
  • Ph.D. in cell biology or related field, with a minimum of three years related lab experience performing high content phenotypic screens.
  • A strong history of skill/aptitude related to accurately performing plate-based cellular assays using laboratory automation, and cytometry instrumentation.
  • A minimum of three references for validation of technical skills and experience must be provided.

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