We are a catalyst
for change

We believe AI can only be enabled by high quality data. This is why AsedaSciences has devoted many years to the rigorous development and validation of our proprietary cellular screens, predictive algorithms and data visualization. We have screened and created a library of thousands of historical compounds, carefully curated, with known human safety profiles, to build our data driven predictive model. Our devotion to data quality and visualization allows us to provide chemists and R&D teams across the chemical producing industries with a visually stunning, cloud accessible platform to transform the way chemicals are designed, selected, prioritized and progressed by identifying toxicity risk far earlier in the process.

Our platform is designed for the chemical producing industries - the chemists, biologists and toxicologists in their respective fields that have devoted their careers to improving our lives through chemistry. We see our role as providing a transformational platform to help them in their efforts to identify toxicity risk earlier, without the use of animals.

Our platform is a catalyst for dramatic process improvement. We want to open and share our platform with innovative companies, technologies and screening approaches that can help expand our mission.

Trusted by 18,000+ teams around the globe

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Our Global Mission

Our global mission is to help chemists design and progress safer compounds to improve industry productivity, reduce patient and consumer safety risk, help reduce and refine animal use and safeguard the environment.

Our Impact

Help efforts to improve
patient safety in clinical trials

Support green chemistry initiatives to replace hazardous substances

Helping scientists to design
safer compounds

Supporting initiatives to replace, refine and reduce animal testing (3Rs)

Delivering safer compounds to reduce our environmental impact

Reducing late stage attrition supports efforts to lower drug costs

Our Name

The inspiration for our name is Dr. Otto Folin (1867 – 1934). Born in the small Swedish town of Aseda, Folin is widely regarded as America’s first clinical biochemist and one of the fathers of the subspecialty known today as clinical biochemistry. Folin had a lifelong interest in developing new and improved methods for quantifying substances in human body fluids. He is recognized for developing many of the first biochemical tests and, notably, the introduction of colorimetry into modern biochemical procedures.

Dr. Folin was Professor of Biological Chemistry at Harvard University Faculty of Medicine. In a biographical memoir authorized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1952, Folin was recognized as a “pioneer in the field” and widely acknowledged for the colorimetric methods that he introduced to the practice of medicine.

“Professor Folin, himself a recognized authority in his chosen field of biochemical investigation, was the ideal leader of an important department in this Medical School. Here he taught to class after class of medical students the facts and methods of a science that is of great importance to medicine and to them he gave the example of accuracy in methods of obtaining data to be used in the study and care of patients. To him came graduate pupils to be trained in investigation that they, in turn, might become teachers of students and seekers after greater knowledge of the chemical relationships of health and disease in man and animals”

Dr. Folin’s commitment to innovation, scientific rigor and “accuracy of methods” encompass many of the qualities that are central to AsedaSciences®’ approach.

Our Business Model

AsedaSciences operates as both a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Information Technology (IT) / Software as a Service (SaaS) company and has developed screening, testing, analysis, and information and consultancy services to provide chemical toxicity and safety risk prediction during early Research and Development across the chemical producing industries. These services are in the industry segments of pharmaceutical research / drug discovery, industrial and agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, food safety, natural products and nutraceuticals, and cover characterization of chemical compounds to support teams in the fields of chemistry, biology and toxicology.

Trusted by 18,000+ teams around the globe

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