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Science requires teamwork. Data quality requires diligence. AsedaSciences believes the 3RnD platform will be stronger using a community approach embracing these core elements. If you feel you have a validated biological screening method, analytical technology or software application that is synergistic with the 3RnD platform, we would like to discuss partnering with you, so please contact us.

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Tanguay Lab

AsedaSciences has partnered with the Tanguay Lab to offer Zebrafish screening services and high-quality data sets for comparison. Dr. Robyn Leigh Tanguay is an internationally recognized scholar whose work on zebrafish models has advanced the world’s understanding of how chemicals impact the biological development of humans. High quality zebrafish biosignatures generated by the Tanguay lab are available in 3RnD for a large library of industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical compounds. New compounds can be compared to the zebrafish library based on chemical structure, or can be screened as a service through the AsedaSciences ecommerce platform to generate biosignatures for similarity analysis. The available compounds with matching Zebrafish and cell health data will continue to expand.

Cayman Chemical

AsedaSciences has partnered with Cayman Chemical, a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality, high-purity biochemicals, to screen several comprehensive compound libraries. These compounds and the associated biological fingerprints are available for comparison within the 3RnD database.

Cayman is an industry leader in the creation of high-value compound libraries to simplify screening efforts. These libraries, which include antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and kinase screening libraries, are skillfully curated to maximize the number of biologically relevant targets. All compounds are expertly controlled for quality to ensure the best possible results. Cayman also offers thousands of well-characterized biochemicals, as well as custom synthesismedicinal chemistry, and analytical chemistry services to support drug discovery efforts. The Cayman Compound library is conveniently available to purchase through the 3RnD platform.

Frontier Scientific

Frontier Scientific is the leading contract research organization providing preeminent outsourced compound management services to Research and Development organizations globally. Their core competencies and services enable dramatic cost savings, increased productivity and improved resource allocation for over 100 companies, from startups to large pharma.

Frontier Scientific’s services include full compound management, solid and liquid (nL and uL) reformatting, quality control analysis, procurement and shipping logistics. AsedaSciences is partnering with Frontier to offer customers a simple, streamlined solution with substantial time savings to prepare stock solutions for compounds purchased through the 3RnD platform. One source for acquisition and preparation, managed through the 3RnD platform.