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A new approach to safer chemical design

We provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled discovery platform integrating standardized, high content, phenotypic screens (human cells, zebrafish) with Machine Learning (ML) and cloud computing to predict chemical safety risks at the earliest stages of the R&D process.

SYSTEMETRIC® Cell Health Screen

The SYSTEMETRIC Cell Health Screen simultaneously measures 12 different phenotypic predictors of acute cellular stress (e.g. mitochondrial toxicity), across 10 individual concentrations of each new compound, with 10 thousand cells sampled per concentration.

Using the past to predict the future

Over 3,000 fingerprints from marketed and historical compounds.

The SYSTEMETRIC® Cell Health Screen is generating one of the largest, standardized, high quality data sets to support machine learning driven predictions of chemical safety risk. Thousands of biological fingerprints from past and present compounds are housed in the expanding 3RnD Compound Universe for comparison. Based on fingerprint similarity to known toxic compounds, accurate safety predictions can be made earlier to help select, prioritize and progress safer compounds for the future.


Zebrafish Developmental and Acute Toxicity Screen - a preferred alternative to mammalian models. AsedaSciences is collaborating with the Tanguay Lab, a recognized global leader in the advancement and mainstream acceptance of zebrafish as a biosensor of toxicity risk. Zebrafish have emerged as a validated and preferred alternative to mammalian models for chemical toxicity assessment to support initiatives to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals (3Rs).

AsedaSciences is offering the ZBEscreen through the convenience of the 3RnD ecommerce portal. Have your compounds tested in a globally recognized zebrafish screen, then visualized in 3RnD. Compare your results to hundreds of other historical and on-market compounds run through the ZBEscreen and visualized in the 3RnD platform.


Where scientists make discoveries™
3RnD is a cutting edge, cloud-based R&D discovery platform for the chemical producing industries, purpose built to transform complex data sets into actionable information for rapid decision making. We integrate validated phenotypic screens, proprietary ML algorithms and cloud computing, to automate and accelerate data transformation, interpretation and visualization.

3RnD represents an industry-first, integrated data exploration and safety risk prediction platform to improve compound selection, prioritization and progression.

3RnD® Compound Library

Integrated compound procurement
AsedaSciences and Cayman Chemical are partnering to provide access to thousands of chemicals integrated into the 3RnD platform. Publicly available nearest neighbour compounds with similar chemical or biological fingerprints can be ordered directly, or create your own custom small molecule library collection. All of your data, knowledge and procurement history for every compound in a single platform.

An application ecosystem

Integrating synergistic software applications for centralised knowledge creation and visualisation

AsedaSciences is partnering to integrate novel, synergistic machine learning algorithms, software applications and tools into the 3RnD platform. By integrating complimentary discovery tools and centralising knowledge creation, a powerful platform can emerge that accelerates the discovery process, improves R&D pipeline development, reduces timelines and improves productivity.

If you have an application that could benefit customers through integrating into the 3RnD platform, we would like to hear from you.