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Cell Culture Scientist

Want to work to maintain cell cultures and ensure in vitro screening reproducibility, delivering data quality to support the selection of safer chemicals and help reduce animal testing?

Job Overview

The role of Cell Culture Scientist plays a critical central role in the quality and reproducibility of AsedaSciences’ cell-based phenotypic screens. High quality data, generated from reproducible cellular phenotypic screens, requires excellence in cell culture. The screening service that AsedaSciences provides is dependent on the capabilities of the company to reproducibly grow and maintain the required human cell lines at the appropriate performance level necessary for delivering accurate toxicity risk predictions.  

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As the hands-on cell culture scientist, this role requires exceptional cell handling technique and attention to detail to ensure cells are grown, maintained, and delivered in an uncontaminated and metabolically staged state to support the phenotypic screening services. Candidates working within this role will be:

  • Proficient at creating cryostorage samples for back up purposes
  • Required to source, grow, expand and scale diverse cell cultures from primary vendor stock
  • Support scheduled restart of cell lines for use within controlled passage numbers

Job Requirements

A verifiable history of ability to maintain cell stocks and cultures in a clean environment with no contamination by maintaining sterile cell culture conditions using excellent sterile technique is a key requirement. The Cell Culture Scientist must be operationally experienced to maintain and QC multiple lines (flasks / bottles) of cultured cells to ensure that there is appropriate cell volume to complete the forecasted services and to ensure availability of back up stock for disaster recovery. Candidates must have the ability to respond to various alarms and emergency situations to ensure the integrity and viability of the cell lines are maintained at all times.  Ability to maintain accurate documentation, including test methods, test reports, quality control and validation protocols is critical, together with documenting and tracking original and subsequent passages of cells in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to meet GLP standards.

Knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements for cell culture is an advantage. Ability to work effectively and independently in a team environment is key. A successful candidate should have a history of developing and documenting SOP’s for new cell culture procedures and ensuring work instructions are written with sufficient detail to be replicated accurately and successfully by new staff.

  • A BSc or MSc in biology or related fields with a minimum of 5 years of tissue culture experience and demonstrated ability to maintain sterility.
  • A basic understanding of the biological properties of the most common human cell lines. Experience at culturing common cancer cell lines is an advantage.
  • Must be operationally experienced to maintain and QC multiple lines (flasks / bottles) of cultured cells.
  • Must be proficient at expanding cell cultures up to and maintaining roller bottle scale.
  • A minimum of three references for validation of technical skills and experience.
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