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AsedaSciences has developed an AI driven platform that transforms the relationship between chemical structure and biological effect into high value predictive information for rapid decision making. We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate in ways that demonstrate the value that such transformation creates. If you have ideas for a potential collaboration, partnership or publication that you feel would be of benefit to the scientific community, please contact us.


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Utilization of Supervised Machine Learning to Understand Kinase Inhibitor Toxophore Profiles

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2023

High-throughput, high-content cytometry screen predicts mitochondrial toxicity through machine learning-driven analysis of physiological responses.

Bieberich et al, SLAS, February 2017

Optimization of the 4 anilinoquin(az)oline scaffold as epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors for chordoma utilizing a toxicology profiling assay platform

Bieberich et al, Nature Scientific Reports, July 2022

Combining Data Quality and AI to Transform Drug Discovery

CIO Review, November 2021

Acute cell stress screen with supervised machine learning predicts cytotoxicity of excipients

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Multi-year history for reference compounds in multiparameter phenotypic screen reveals critical plasticware lot effects

Bieberich et al, SOT, March 2022

Comparative analysis between zebrafish and an automated live-cell assay to assess 87 developmental neurotoxicants

St. Mary et al, SOT, March 2022

Select Publications from Tanguay Labs

Tanguay Lab featured in 2023 Society of Toxicology TV Series

Tanguay Lab was showcased in the Society of Toxicology TV series for pioneering Predictive Toxicology that ran during the 2023 SOT conference in Nashville . AsedaSciences is also featured discussing the importance of visualizing high complexity zebrafish data for the scientific community to enable easier data interpretation and decision making"

Coupling Genome-wide Transcriptomics and Developmental Toxicity Profiles in Zebrafish to Characterize Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Hazard

Prarthana et al. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2019

Comparative Analysis of Zebrafish and Planarian Model Systems for Developmental Neurotoxicity Screens Using an 87-Compound Library.

Hagstrom et al. Toxicological Sciences, January 2019

High-throughput characterization of chemical-associated embryonic behavioral changes predicts teratogenic outcomes.

Tanguay et al. Archives of Toxicology, 2016

Multidimensional In Vivo Hazard Assessment Using Zebrafish

Truong et al. Toxicological Sciences, January 2014

Transgenerational inheritance of neurobehavioral and physiological deficits from developmental exposure to benzo[a]pyrene in zebrafish.

Knecht et al. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 2017

Systematic developmental toxicity assessment of a structurally diverse library of PFAS in zebrafish.

Truong et al. Journal of Hazardous Materials. June 2022



“This innovative technology can quickly assess a compound's inherent ability to cause acute cellular stress, which often leads to toxicity. Based on multiple retrospective analyses on hundreds of preclinical compounds and marketed drugs, along with discontinued and boxed warning drugs, the AsedaSciences methodology accurately predicted agents with higher toxicity risks. Thus, the predictions provide drug hunters with data to allow prioritization of the most promising compounds for progression into higher investment pharmacology and safety studies.

The results also show alignment with some human-specific safety risks, which may not manifest prior to human exposures. Given the capability of fast turnaround times, iterative SAR work to improve the safety profile of potential drug candidates seems a particularly impactful application in hit to lead and lead optimization campaigns. This important new tool will no doubt lead to significant time savings and productivity enhancements in drug discovery.”


"AsedaSciences has developed a much-needed platform that will provide medicinal chemists with actionable biologically relevant knowledge during all stages of lead optimization - the user interface is clear and has flexible functionality that will help chemists review, analyze and select compounds for progression in a very timely and straightforward manner. I predict that this will become an indispensable tool on a chemist's desktop. The user interface looks great and I would use this tool in a heartbeat"


“AsedaSciencesgoes beyond a toxicity screen—they have developed a reproducible, high-contentcellular screening system that allows for an evaluation of cellular andmetabolic stress. Simple ‘live/dead’ cellular health assays have limitedutility because the result is binary.

By examining cell metabolic/physiologic responses to xenobiotics with the AsedaSciences approach, one can start to tease out secondary/unintended targets and also understand whether these effects might be adverse or actually beneficial. This is an information-rich system that chemists will want to use to try and understand how a compound perturbs various cellular processes.”


Welcome to the future of safer chemistry –AsedaSciences screening approach and 3RnD cloud platform

Welcome to the future of safer chemistry – Zebrafish screening in collaboration with Tanguay Lab

AsedaSciences was featured on the September 2016 edition of the award-winning TV series, Innovations with Ed Begley Jr

Tanguay Laboratory - pioneering predictive toxicology - Society of Toxicology 2023


December 3, 2021
AsedaSciences awarded Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Solution Provider 2021 by CIO Review
AsedaSciences was featured in a special edition of CIO Review and was named in the annual listing of Top 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Pharma andLife Sciences solutions and transforming businesses. The feature was titled “Combining Data Quality and AI to Transform Drug Discovery

September 2016
Innovations Showcased AsedaSciences® forits Breakthroughs in Flow Cytometry, Aired via Discovery
AsedaSciences was featured on the September 2016 edition of the award-winning TV series, Innovations with Ed Begley Jr, which aired on the Discovery Channel.