AsedaSciences® was established in 2012 with the vision of becoming a leader in optimized drug discovery through innovative cellular analysis. We utilize flow cytometry to produce robust, multiplexed, cell based screens that identify the physiological effect of target compounds on human cells. Our integration of high throughput phenotypic screens with sophisticated data reduction provides the global bio-pharmaceutical industries with detailed compound profiling earlier in the drug discovery process.

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A commitment to scientific rigor, a thorough analytical approach and a deep understanding of biology are central to the design of our biological applications. We embrace a systems-based approach to multi-parametric analysis.  

Data drives us

Our systematic integration of discovery with detailed verification delivers a robust and reproducible platform. We utilize a data driven process and generate extensive data sets to assess the performance of our phenotypic screens. 

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Unlocking the depth and richness of the multi-parametric data we generate requires sophisticated analytical methods. Our proprietary algorithm reveals the effect of compounds on the complex biology of human cells.

Results define us 2

Our results allow for improved classification of compounds based on their biological effect on human cells. Delivering biologically rich information enables informed decisions on compound progression earlier in the drug discovery process.