AsedaSciences® has developed a robust, high content approach to assessing the physiological effect of compounds on human cells. With our multi-parametric live cell applications, we provide sensitive multiplexed methods for measuring the effect of compounds on Mitochondrial Membrane Potential (MMP), Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Glutathione, Cell and Nuclear Membrane Integrity and Cell Cycle. All of these parameters can then be combined using our proprietary analytical approach to produce a data rich fingerprint that can be compared to a database of marketed therapeutics, failed drugs and known toxins.





cell bursting

  •  Quantitative, multi-parametric human cell-based phenotypic screens

  •  Up to 6 parameters measured simultaneously per condition

  •  10-step dose responses

cell light scatter  •  MMP, ROS, Glutathione, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, Morphology (light scatter)

  •  High content, high throughput, flow cytometry based application

  •  10,000 cells per condition (e.g., concentration), high statistical robustness

Cell light scatter 2

  •  Automated analysis: Comparison to known toxins, withdrawn drugs and on-market therapeutics

  •  Assessment of the interplay or relationship of various physiological parameters simultaneously

  •  Excellent quantification of heterogeneity of cellular effect (e.g., sub-populations, rare events)